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<p>If you’re a Hospital General Manager, SystemView can help support you in your role — from visibility over hospital resources to better decision making (and everything in between).</p> <p>In this guide, we’ll touch on some key challenges faced by Hospital General Managers and how hospital improvement software (like SystemView) can support this role.</p> <p>We’ll cover an overview of SystemView, along with the charts, features, and applications specific to hospital management. Plus, see example charts you might want to incorporate into your workflow, as well as links to other resources that will help you gain a deeper understanding.</p> <section class="blogSectionHeading" id="1"> The Role of a Hospital General Manager </section> <p>A Hospital General Manager is held accountable for the performance of the entire hospital. They oversee the general operations of the entire hospital, with the goal of ensuring patient safety, while using the hospital’s resources responsibly and sustainably.</p> <p>This requires a broad range of skills, including leadership, communication, business, and finance — along with an in-depth understanding of clinical practice. And in order to make good decisions and achieve their goals, Hospital General Managers need to know how each area of the hospital is performing.</p> <section class="blogSectionHeading" id="2"> Challenges Faced by Hospital General Managers </section> <p>Most Hospital GMs face a number of barriers to achieving their goals, including:</p> <ul> <li><strong>Managing Capacity and Demand </strong>– One of the biggest challenges for Hospital General Managers is effectively managing capacity and demand across all departments. This is largely due to the fact that it’s so difficult to get an accurate and timely snapshot of departments in order to inform operational decision-making.</li> <li><strong>Determining Information Reliability</strong> – Although hospital GMs have staff reporting to them, with information coming in from each department, it’s difficult to know which is the most reliable source of truth to support decision making. Especially when they often receive different information from different teams.</li> <li><strong>Limited and Delayed Access to Information</strong> – Most GMs have limited access to information, and struggle to access it quickly enough, with info stored within separate source systems. They often rely on team leaders to manually create situation reports for ED, inpatient bed occupancy, and other areas.&nbsp;</li> <li><strong>Infrequent Reporting </strong>– Often, Hospital General Managers use monthly reports to track hospital performance. But this approach inhibits their ability to influence change in the hospital and assess risks and urgency. Often, they’re surprised at the results because they were unable to see and manage emergent issues until it was too late.</li> <li><strong>Performance Improvement Adoption</strong> – Many Hospital General Managers find it difficult to get specialty teams onboard with performance improvement initiatives.</li> <li><strong>Limited Access and Insights into Waitlists</strong> – Although they’re held accountable for long waiting lists, it’s difficult for Hospital General Managers to access waiting list information and even harder to see what needs to be done.</li> </ul> <p>And that’s where hospital improvement software (like SystemView) comes in.</p> <section class="blogSectionHeading" id="3"> How SystemView Supports Hospital General Managers </section> <p>SystemView is an automated hospital analytics system for clinical engagement and sustainable performance improvement. Learn more inside <strong>What Is SystemView?<em> [insert hyperlink when ready]</em></strong><em> </em>or jump into <strong>Getting Started with SystemView&nbsp;<em>[insert hyperlink when ready]</em></strong><em> </em>.</p> <p>SystemView helps to support Hospital General Managers with their role, responsibilities, and goals through:</p> <ul> <li><strong>Asset Monitoring</strong> – Monitor expensive assets by viewing theatre utilisation, the emergency board, and late starts. From there, Hospital GMs can assess where improvement initiatives may be needed.</li> <li><strong>Whole Hospital Visibility</strong> – See whole hospital performance in-real time, supporting the on-call executive roster.</li> <li><strong>Visibility into ED &amp; Inpatients</strong> – Provides ‘at a glance’ intelligence over fast-moving ED and inpatient beds to support executive escalations regarding capacity imbalances.</li> <li><strong>Assess Team Performance</strong> – Compare all teams equally (using the same logic), with fast and easy access to the info (and no need for teams to self-report). Plus, collaborate with teams on developing improvement plans.</li> <li><strong>Improved Collaboration</strong> – With greater transparency across all departments, support cross-department collaboration throughout the hospital.</li> <li><strong>Winter Planning</strong> – Use forecasting and reporting tools for more accurate planning measures, as well as waiting list management.</li> <li><strong>Achieve KPIs</strong> – With greater data visibility and target monitoring, SystemView can support GMs to achieve local or national KPIs and other objectives.</li> <li><strong>Better Use of Time</strong> – With reduced manual data collation for reporting, free up staff members’ time and use this to design solutions (instead of just running the data).</li> <li><strong>Resource Planning</strong> – Support staff leave, disease, and resource planning with accurate demand and capacity forecasting.</li> <li><strong>Service Improvement</strong> – Use the reports to support programs and initiatives that increase early discharges, reduce length of stay, reduce waiting times, improve patient experience, and improve access to both scheduled and unscheduled care</li> </ul> <section class="blogSectionHeading" id="4"> Example Charts for Hospital General Managers </section> <p>Elective Surgery – System Level</p> <p><em><strong>[insert charts when ready].</strong></em></p> <p>Get an overview of elective surgery performance and utilisation, with charts like like:</p> <ul> <li>Elective Surgery Waiting (Long Wait Patients vs All Waiting)</li> <li>Elective Surgery Long Wait Patients (by Category)</li> <li>Waiting Without a Booking (Unbooked Long Wait)</li> <li>Waiting With a Booking (Booked Beyond Breach)</li> <li>Waiting With a Booking (Booked Long Wait)</li> </ul> <section class="blogSectionHeading" id="5"> Theatres - System Level </section> <p><em><strong>[insert charts when ready].</strong></em></p> <p>Get an overview of theatre performance and utilisation, with charts like:</p> <ul> <li>Utilisation Trend by Week (Patients in OR Percentage)</li> <li>Theatre Utilisation by Specialty</li> <li>Percentage of Sessions with Late Start Trend by Week</li> </ul> <section class="blogSectionHeading" id="6"> Outpatients – Situation Report </section> <p><em><strong>[insert charts when ready].</strong></em></p> <p>Get an overview of the situation in Outpatients, with charts like:</p> <ul> <li>Total Referrals</li> <li>Long Wait Referrals</li> <li>Longest Wait</li> <li>Outpatient Waiting List Trend (Long Wait Referrals vs Referrals)</li> <li>Patients Waiting by Category</li> <li>Waiting List Additions by Week</li> <li>Patients Waiting Today by Wait Days &amp; Category<br />  </li> </ul> <section class="blogSectionHeading" id="7"> Outpatients – Greatest Risk Situation Report </section> <p><em><strong>[insert charts when ready].</strong></em></p> <p>See your current greatest risks in OPD, with charts like:</p> <ul> <li>Total Referrals</li> <li>Long Wait Referrals</li> <li>Outpatient Waiting List Trend (Long Wait Referrals vs Referrals)</li> <li>Patients Waiting by Category</li> <li>Patients Waiting Today by Wait Days &amp; Category</li> <li>Demand by Category, Treat by Date and Activity</li> <li>Productive Appointments</li> <li>Waiting List Additions by Week</li> <li>Waiting List Removals by Week</li> </ul> <p>+ So Much More<br /> The above charts are just a fraction of what you can do inside SystemView. You can use your My Hub area to personalise your view and see the charts and patients most relevant to your role on a single screen. Learn more about these features in <strong>Getting Started with Charts [insert hyperlink when ready].</strong></p> <section class="blogSectionHeading" id="8"> Get Support with SystemView </section> <p>Not sure where to start with SystemView, stuck on some data, or want help to apply it to your role as a Hospital Manager? We’re here to help.&nbsp;</p> <p>If you’re already a SystemView user, use the (i) icon inside SystemView to open up the Support Centre and explore our support options, including:</p> <ul> <li>Issues reporting</li> <li>Contact info</li> </ul> <p>Or navigate directly to our <strong>Webinars &amp; Virtual Learning</strong>, <strong>FAQs</strong>, <strong>Troubleshooting Guide</strong>, and <strong>@asksystemview </strong>page&nbsp;<strong>[insert hyperlinks when ready].</strong></p> <p>If you’re exploring SystemView for your hospital, <strong>contact us for a demo&nbsp;[insert hyperlink when ready]</strong>. We’d love to show you around.</p> <section class="blogSectionHeading" id="9"> Explore SystemView for Other Roles </section> <p>Curious about how SystemView’s domains and components can support other roles in your hospital? Explore the other guides in this series:</p> <ul> <li>SystemView for Directors of Nursing - Medicine</li> <li>SystemView for Scheduled Care Project Managers</li> <li>SystemView for Outpatients Nurse Unit Managers</li> <li>SystemView for Theatre Nurse Unit Managers</li> <li>SystemView for Elective Surgery Coordinators</li> <li>SystemView for Heads of Units</li> <li>SystemView for Bookings Officers</li> <li>SystemView for Bed Managers</li> <li>SystemView for Inpatient Ward Nurse Unit Managers</li> <li><strong>[insert hyperlinks when ready]</strong></li> </ul> <style> .blogSectionHeading { font-weight: 600; font-size: 24px; } </style>

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